About Us

EHScompliance.ca Newsletter (formerly Environmental Compliance Report and the Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Report)

EHScompliance.ca is a monthly national online newsletter that covers upcoming amendments and developing trends in Canadian environmental and occupational health and safety law. You'll get insight into enforcement activities, tips on what the hot issues are, and commentary on how new legislation will impact your industry.

Find out about draft legislation from the moment it's tabled in federal and provincial legislatures, know when to lobby for your company's position on proposed legislation, stay posted on new enforcement activities affecting you, your job and your organization with EHScompliance.ca

  You'll find out about:

  • what's new, what's changed and what's about to change in Canadian environmental and oh&s legislation
  • proposed environmental and oh&s bills
  • amendments to acts and regulations and the dates they become effective
  • important court precedents regarding fines for non-compliance
  • what the experts say about recent court rulings and changes in legislation
  • enforcement activities
  • what companies are charged and fined for non-compliance
  • and much more!

Providing informed commentary, early warning notices and concise summaries, EHScompliance.ca will put you one step closer to understanding how your day-to-day operations are affected by new legislation and enforcement practices.

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